Hi, I’m Vanessa! I’m the wife to my best friend, a mother of three, a co-homeschool teacher, an entrepreneur, and many things to many different people. When I got married in 2014, I had no idea how to cook. My husband’s grandma who is native from Mexico, was very worried for him. She lived with his family from a young age and she was the main cook in the home. So, needless to say, he grew up on good cooking, and she measured me up quick – I didn’t know how to make rice, how to cook chicken, let alone make a full meal. But my husband was gracious and as with everything, he helped me along the way, sharing with me the basic things he learned from his grandmother, Abue. At first I didn’t like cooking, to be honest. I found it burdensome, a nuisance, and a time-eater. Over time I learned more and more, but still wasn’t too excited about cooking – having to cook something different every day? Ugh, I loathed it!

But about seven or so years into marriage, we hosted a party at our home, and I of all people thought…. let me cook everything by myself for a massive party of 20+ people. Lol While it was crazy (and stressful), I went all out, cooked cultural dishes I had never made before, put my own spin on them (took risks!), and… everyone LOVED it all! I had never felt so much humble gratification in my life. To know I did something new, and I got to bless others with it. To see them eating, savoring every bite, smiling, talking amongst themselves about how good the food was, and trying cultural dishes they had never imagined eating before… it was something special. So, that big ol’ party wasn’t the last I hosted and single-handedly cooked for. And while it’s still just as stressful and chaotic each time (lol), it grew a love in me to connect people with food from around the world. 

And that’s why The Whole Potato was born. At the time of writing this, I’m now going on 10 years of marriage, and three years of serious cooking. I want to share my favorite dishes from around the world with you, so you too can experience the joy of bringing others around the world with you through food.

I hope you find countless cultural recipes here that new flavors into your home, that bring people together in a new way, and warm the bellies of everyone you love. Thank you for being here, for entrusting me with the blessing of coming alongside you in your kitchen, and for being willing to give my simple (but creative) recipes a try! I appreciate you more than you know <3 

With Thanks,
Vanessa Audrey
The Founder & Recipe-Maker @ The Whole Potato